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Thinking out of the box

Our Managing Consultant recently facilitated a session on Managing Staff Performance for a group of leaders in the transportation infrastructure industry.

Even though there are recommended steps on how to increase staff performance or how to manage challenging staff, as leaders, always expect the unexpected and follow the flow in providing guidance. The leader must be able to be prepared, act fast and think out of the box. These traits were demonstrated during the exercise where no parameter was given. The only caveat was safety comes first. Lo-and-behold., the leaders definitely were fast on their feet and thoughts. They were also very creative in finding solutions to the task.

The facilitation is interactive with the aim of encouraging the leaders to see different points of views and sharing of thoughts. We used case studies and role plays that reflect the day-to-day of a leader.

We are happy to share that the response from the participants has been very encouraging. Among the feedback received were :

- engaging facilitator

- facilitator was extremely knowledgeable and very flexible

- effective communication during training in addressing the issues

- participation by all

- the facilitation was conducted in a relaxed environment. The facilitator encouraged participants to participate in an opened approach

If you are interested to know more about leadership facilitation, please drop us a note. We would love to have a conversation with you.

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