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Hey, what does HR do?

A client who is in the recruiting industry wanted their team to have a better understanding of human capital (human resources) and how human capital team/roles integrate with business.

Why do they want this? Firstly, most of their staff do not have extensive years of working experience, as such, they are not familiar with how organisation works. Secondly, it is because the clients that they interface are mostly human capital staff. The leaders believe if their team have a deeper knowledge on the workings of human capital functions and the challenges human capital folks face, the team will be able to provide better support/service to their clients.

As such, PeopleBiz Consulting was invited to provide sharing on what human capital function is all about. During this 2-hour session, we shared where the human capital sits in the organisation, who are the stakeholders, the recruitment process in organisations, the different sub-functions within human capital function, the challenges of the role and the impact the function has on organisations. It was a very interactive session with loads of questions-and-answers. The client appreciated the open and honest sharing and felt the session was beneficial to the team.

If you want to have insights on human capital function from a seasoned practitioner, do drop us a line. We look forward to having a chat with you.... and your team.

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