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Facilitating - Suitable for all purposes

Facilitating a leadership team or new managers cohort or group of undergraduates needs different styles. Each group has different "maturity", different expectations and different dynamics. Yet, the ultimate outcome is the same i.e getting everyone on the same page moving forward.

A good facilitator uses his/her experience, knowledge and values into action. A good facilitator is agile and able to understand the pulse of the "room".

Recently, our Managing Consultant facilitated a session for a Project Girls for Girls (G4G) and Talent Corp collaboration. Feedback on the session has been very positive. Some of the feedback received were :

"Likewise Usha! Your sharing during G4G final module was insightful & empowering 🌹"

"You too Usha! Wanted to say that I love your energy at last week's G4G session"

"As one of the mentees, you really help me a lot in decision making. Thank you very much for your contribution and making me inspired as well as changed my life for better".

If you would like to know more about leadership facilitation, please drop us a line at We look forward to having a chat with you.

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