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Who We Are

PeopleBiz Consulting is a leadership and human resource consultancy. We help businesses to be more effective by transforming their organisation culture, improve leadership competence, manage performance and enhancing workforce capabilities.

Whether you are a mid-sized or global enterprise with footing in South-East Asia, we can provide you with support and strategic guidance to build your enterprise from the inside-out with proven people strategies. 

As business HR consultants, we are able to provide advisory support from the hire-to-retire process of an employee. Our core services include:

🎯 Leadership development 

🎯 Strategic leadership facilitation

🎯 Managing performance & reward 

🎯 Workforce capabilities & competencies 

🎯 Coaching & mentoring 

🎯 Training & development

If you are interested to know how can we support you, please drop us a note at : 


We look forward to hearing from you. 

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